HeliRussia 2016 Exhibition

HeliRussia 2016 Exhibition

19/05/2016 a las 5:19 pm – 21/05/2016 a las 6:19 pm
Crocus Expo IEC
Óblast de Moscú

HeliRussia 2016 Exhibition

HeliRussia 2016 Exhibition – Drone Industry Conference, announcement of the preliminary conference schedule

The HeliRussia 2016 International Helicopter Industry Exhibition will take place in Moscow over 19th to 21st May 2016. This year it’s expected that the exhibition will feature a greatly expanded range of drone craft (aka Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs), and the Business Program of the conference will include a special conference titled ‘UAV Drone Aircraft Systems’.

The UAV drone aircraft industry is in a phase of expansion in Russia, as in the rest of the world. Nowadays representatives of numerous companies are working at the forefront of technical breakthroughs for the development of their businesses through the use of drones (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, or UAVs), and players in the drone industry have the potential for massive expansion. However, growth in such a complex industry needs far-reaching analysis, the establishment communications at every level, discussion of the legal implications and initiatives, and the creation of a ‘road map’ for the development of the drone industry in Russia.

The drone industry conference at HeliRussia 2016 will cover all these issues, and offer an opportunity for constructive discussion to all those interested in the development of unmanned aerial vehicles.

The currently-planned program for the Drone Industry Conference features the following topics:

  1. Legal regulation in the UAV sector, and the integration of UAVs into regulated airspace.
  2. Setting up a unified regional register of drone aircraft.
  3. Training and extending the qualifications of drone operators.
  4. The potential for the use of drones.
  5. Safety when operating drones.
  6. Using drones for monitoring the environment.
  7. The potential for using drones in the construction industry and for monitoring infrastructure.
  8. Photography and filming from drones – mapping, and the upgrading, making and analysis of charts.
  9. Drones for use at sea – deploying drones from sea-going vessels, and from shore locations.
  10. Potential development of drones – upgraded autonomy, aerodynamics, intellectual capabilities, solar power, and allied issues.

The organisers of HeliRussia 2016 invited everyone involved in the drone aircraft industry to come and participate in the proceedings of the conference. Contact details for questions, registration, and further information:

Tel: 7 (495) 926-60-66, or 7 (495) 228-14-41

Fax: 7 (495) 926-38-38

e-mail: info@helirussia.ru ( general inquires), or korotkin@rvs-holding.ru ( conference)

website: www.helirussia.ru