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Nordic UAS & European Robotics industry

01/06/2016 – 03/06/2016 todo el día
Ørbækvej 350
5220 Odense SØ

nordic uas

Welcome to the epicenter for

the Nordic UAS & European Robotics industry

Nordic UAS Event and RoboBusiness Europe will be held simultaneously this year, gathering end-users, enthusiasts and industry specialists under one roof.

This year, the events will take place on 1-3 June 2016 in Odense Congress Center, Odense, Denmark

Whether in space, in the air, underwater or on the ground, we strive towards making the world better with automation. Exciting innovations in the robotics and drone industry are changing businesses as diverse as manufacturing, agriculture, supply chain logistics, education, healthcare, automotive, retailing and more.

It is not a distant vision – but a way of life for tomorow.

Nordic UAS Event 2016 (NUE16) has become the epicenter for the Nordic UAS business, gathering end-users and industry specialists from the Nordic countries and around the world. Nordic UAS Event will take place on 1 June in Hans Christian Andersen Airport with a demo day and on 2-3 June in Odense Congress Center. Read more at: 

RoboBusiness Europe is aiming for the stars by gathering some of the biggest names within the robotics industry. During the exciting expo and conference in Odense Congress Center on 1-3 june, you will be able to make informed technology purchase decisions and build fruitful relationships with robotics market leaders and makers. Read more at:

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Please have a look at the exhibitor list HERE.

You also have the opportunity to participate in Nordic UAS Matchmaking, which is organized in cooperation with the South Denmark European Office – Please register HERE.

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