HELIRUSSIA 2017 | International participation at HeliRussia 2017 grows @ Crocus Expo IEC,Trade & exhib. comp., 3d Pavilion, office 332 65-66 km Moscow Ring Road, 143402, Moscow region, Krasnogorsk, RUSSIA
May 25 – May 27 todo el día

HeliRussia 2017

International participation at HeliRussia 2017 grows

International participation at HeliRussia 2017 grows

The 10th International Helicopter Industry Exhibition HeliRussia 2017 will take place from 25 to 27 May in Moscow. Being the largest industry expo in Europe and North Asia, the anniversary event attracts special interest from the international helicopter industry companies.

Helicopter Industry Association, as a founder of HeliRussia, in its analysis of the helicopter market development highlights several key factors contributing to the influx of foreign companies’ interest towards HeliRussia.

Firstly, despite the economic issues, the Russian helicopter market grows continuesly. De facto all foreign-made helicopters are in demand in Russia, except the heavies. Thus, all the major helicopter manufacturers pay attention to Russia. Annually HeliRussia visitors can see the newest and most popular models from Airbus Helicopters, Bell Helicopter, Leonardo and Robinson. Commercial MD Helicopters models may find their way to HeliRussia once again.

Secondly, along with the growth of the civil helicopter fleet in Russia, the demand for all the services for foreign-made helicopters expands. Not all Russian companies, even cooperating with international partners, can offer a comprehensive range of support to foreign helicopters’ operators. This leads to the promising situation for international companies to enter the Russian market.

Third, the Russian government starts to pay more attention to the medical aviation and medevac helicopters as an important part to it. Domestic helicopter manufacturers and those specialized in medical equipment are not always ready to offer their products in demanded quantities. In this case, medical services and institution traditionally prefer the foreign suppliers. For example, the Moscow Aviation Center uses Airbus Helicopters (Eurocopter) rotorcrafts from the early 1990s.

Fourth, the helicopter infrastructure development in Russia is now experiencing an expanding growth. Increase in medical aviation financing by the government is partly reason to this factor because more of the modern helicopter pads are needed. Sometimes the local developers do not keep up with demand in the construction and equipment supply for the new sites. In this case, some investors may turn to foreign developers.

Fifth, in the current economic situation, the Russian Ruble’s exchange rate to dollar and euro is lowered, making participation in the HeliRussia 2017 for the foreign companies more profitable.

Sixth, as the largest regional industry expo, HeliRussia covers not only the Russian market, but also markets of the neighboring countries as well. Moreover, in some cases HeliRussia is the only helicopter expo that is available for some companies from the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). That is why the number of companies’ delegates from the regional countries at HeliRussia is high.

These factors have a direct impact on the growing interest in HeliRussia 2017 of the international business. It should also be noted, that with its 10 years of experience. HeliRussia rose to the level of the most prominent international expos. This means that the international companies can expect the usual high level of service and comfort during the event. Being initially opened for the global audience, HeliRussia welcomes companies of various sizes to join, making the best of even the most limited budgets.

HeliRussia is held annually since 2008 in accordance with the Russian government’s decree. The expo is organized by the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, the event is executed by the Russian Exhibition Systems and Helicopter Industry Association provides support for the expo.

Contact details:
Tel. no.: + 7 (495) 926-60-66 and + 7 (495) 228-14-41
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Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference, 6th edition @ Spirit Aerosystems Composite Center of Excellence
Mar 20 todo el día

unmanned cargo aircraft conference Feria RPAS drones AERPAS

20 March 2018, North Carolina Global TransPark, USA

Investments in large Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) surge. California-based Elroy Airis close to flying subscale prototypes of their unmanned cargo aircraft while Sabrewing Aircraft, another startup based in the state, hopes to fly its 65%-scale vehicle this fall, as mentioned by AviationWeek.

Meet them at the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft Conference on Mar 20 REGISTER HERE

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft changes the logistics value chain

This 6th edition of the Unmanned Cargo Aircraft conference organized by Jakajima will be hosted by North Carolina Global TransPark and supported by US Cargo Systems.

Scope: The Conference aims to bring together manufacturers, operators, knowledge institutes, consultants, shippers and government organizations active in the upcoming field of unmanned cargo aircraft.

Unmanned Cargo Aircraft (UCA) are a relatively new phenomenon; the first UCA service is to be started in Kenya this year. UCA offer the potential to transport loads of 1 to 10 tons or more over both short and long distances, on routes that are unfeasible or uneconomical for other modes of transport.

During the conference, internationally renowned speakers will introduce UCA development projects and potential applications.

Focus topics of the conference are:

  • UCA business models: how to earn money with UCA?
  • UCA configurations: what could – and should – UCA look like?
  • Regulation: where are UCA allowed to fly, and under which conditions?
  • Societal benefits: what can UCA contribute to economic and social development?
  • Industrial participation: how can UCA contribute to innovation and what opportunities do they generate for new enterprises?
  • Market analysis
GLOBAL ROBOT EXPO 2018 | 18 19 20 de Abril 2018 @ IFEMA MADRID
Abr 18 – Abr 20 todo el día


global robot expo 2018

El principal evento multisectorial de Europa sobre robótica, tecnología e innovación

En una industria en plena eclosión y con un crecimiento del 17% anual, ser la feria de referencia multisectorial en Europa en robótica, tecnología, innovación, supone ser, por un lado, la feria tecnológica con más futuro del mercado europeo y, por otro lado, garantiza la creación de una imagen atractiva y contenidos de alto interés, lo que asegura tener un elevado volumen de impactos en medios de comunicación.


Global Robot Expo es el evento definitivo para tomar el pulso al estado de la robótica actual. Allí encontrarás, bajo el mismo techo, todos los sectores interconectados: robótica educacional, industrial, robótica de consumo, profesional de servicio, salud, IA, software, IoT, Smart cities, tecnologías afines o drones.

Conferencias de alto nivel

Nuestro compromiso con la industria nos hace querer compartir el conocimiento de los mayores expertos a la vanguardia de la robótica. Los líderes que configurarán el futuro de mañana estarán presentes en Global Robot Expo.


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